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Dating and marriage in elizabethan times

Dating and marriage in elizabethan times

Serfs In the Elizabethan Era, women were not as independent as today. Married wives are the property of their husbands. This made the relationship between Romeo and Juliet even more scandalous. Instead arranged marriages were set up by friends and family. Higher classified citizens were more strict with arranged marriages. Some families still organize arranged marriages, however several people today choose who they would like to marry.

In many parts of the world today, it is illegal to marry until the age of Although it is legal for girls to marry at 12 boys at the age of 14most Elizabethans wait until they have reached the age of consent. However, there were marriages between younger parties found in the nobility.

The young relationship between Romeo and Juliet was uncommon.

Women were considered as the feeble, untrustworthy gender, so a husband's duties were to care for and protect his wife; Husbands were also. Eric Rasmussen explains the complex process of getting married in Shakespeare's England, and the way this worked for young Will himself. Courtship, the very concept was derived from the Elizabethan era where the ladies of the court were wooed and won by knights and lords of the court through​. Without benefit of online dating and wedding planners, how did people wonder about the state of courtship and marriage in Shakespeare's time. a third and a fifth of brides in Elizabethan and Stuart England arrived at the.