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Worst part about dating me

Worst part about dating me

I think the hardest part about dating me is that I'm understanding. Sounds stupid, right? If there's What is the worst or weirdest part of dating you? 1, Views. For me it's probably the fact that most of the time I am pretty passive and tend not to notice a lot of things. I also am really indecisive so yh, that's usually pretty. 11 people reveal the worst things about dating, and you'll definitely relate Like no, meet me in public and don't get upset about me not. The sad part is its gonna be near impossible to find that same 'spark', the good news is there's a million types of 'sparks' out there and one of 'em is definitely.

It's a particularly fancy spot and I was particularly fond of this guy. Our chef another friend was very excited to see me excited about someone and made sure he knew worst part about dating me time we were coming in as well as where we'd be sitting.

All day the guy was texting me about how excited he was, how much he had missed me, how badly he wanted to sit and have some wine with me, etc. I was really nervous about it, but it went well enough. I tried to be safe about it: We met in public at a location I chose, I told my friends where I was going, and I gave the bartender a heads up in case I needed help.

I was angry at getting stood up, but what happened next was even weirder: He kept texting me all these really invasive questions about my personal life, even asking if a specific one of my guy friends was circumcised. He texted me often and we would talk about random things.

I was especially creeped out that he mentioned that he thought he had seen me around and knew who I was, so maybe I narrowly missed dating my own stalker?