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Dating quest x ray head

Dating quest x ray head

Instead, he met his future wife, an X-ray technician at the hospital, and “found a The head of the hospital's department of medicine asked Montaner, because type of liquid formulation by a fixed date As Wright had already discovered.

Inhe built a prototype in which an X-ray source and a mechanically coupled detector rotated around the object to be imaged. By reconstructing the image, this instrument could get an X-ray picture of a nail surrounded by a circle of other nails, which made it impossible to X-ray from any single angle.

This scanner required the use of a water-filled Perspex tank with a pre-shaped rubber "head-cap" at the front, which enclosed the patient's head. The water-tank was used to reduce the dynamic range of the radiation reaching the detectors between scanning outside the head compared with scanning through the bone of the skull.

The idea is based on simple principles of projective geometry : moving synchronously and in opposite directions the X-ray tube and the film, which are connected together by a rod whose pivot point is the focus; the image created by the points on the focal plane appears sharper, while the images of the other points annihilate as noise.