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Dating a waitress reddit

Dating a waitress reddit

So my girlfriend recently got a waitressing job.​ Any other tips or things I should keep in mind while she waitresses?​ I picked her up from work and gave her flowers, chocolate and a voucher for a foot massage by me. I keep encouraging my single friend to ask women out, but when we have a cute & charming server, he's afraid he'll be just another chump in a crowd of tipsy. There's a waitress at my local bar who always waits on me, and I've developed However, waitresses need to date too and assuming you're not a creep or a. I had two men sat near each other at two separate tables, both waking for their dates. I fill water glasses and let them know I'll check in with them when their.

Waitresses of this subreddit, how can I tell if you're actually trying to flirt with me?

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